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  • Question:

    Does College of the Mainland Offer Radiology Certified radiology courses? Potential Student


    At this time, College of the Mainland does not offer courses leading to a Radiology Certification.  We do, however, offer a number of credit and non-credit allied health training programs.   We have excellent credit programs for careers as nurses, pharmacy technician, Medical Assistant, Health Information Management, Paramedics, and EMS. We also have a number of non-credit programs, such as Certified Nursing Aide, Phlebotomy, ECG Technician, Medication Aide, and Physical Therapy Aide. You can view our credit catalog at and our CE Schedule at

    Carla L. Boone, M.S.

    Dean of Workforce and Continuing Education College of the Mainland

    1200 Amburn Road, Texas City, TX 77591

    409-933-8616 |

    Posted: Oct 21, 2014

  • Question:

    Any career Expo or Job Fair coming? Role: other


    Not at this time.  Our focus this year is on showcasing College of the Mainland programs to assist our students with career exploration.   However, the Student Life Office maintains an online job posting site.  To access current job postings, go to,  under Student Services, click on Career Services, and select Job Postings.  

    Vicki Stanfield, Ed.D.

    Vice President for Student Services

    1200 Amburn Road

    Texas City, Texas 77591


    Posted: Oct 21, 2014

  • Question:

    Can I apply for admission into your school with a certificate of higher national diploma in Animal production technology from federal college of animal health and production technology Ibadan Nigeria. and please tell me the processes that I need to know. Role: other


    Thank you for your interest in College of the Mainland.  I have provided a link to the international student admissions checklist.

    If you have any questions about enrolling, I would be happy to meet with you.  My name is Tamara Hoodye-Harris and I am the Director of Admissions/International Affairs.  I can be contacted at 409-933-8523.

    Posted: Oct 21, 2014

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